Recent Activities

Focusing technologies

The committee covers microwave superconductivity and new materials, their active and passive circuits, and cryogenic measurement technologies.

  • Superconductivity, quantum materials/devices, and new materials
  • Superconducting filters, phase shifters, and other passive circuits
  • Superconducting analog-digital converters and other active circuits
  • Superconducting qubits
  • Cryogenic low noise amplifier, mixer, and other active circuits
  • Cryogenic analog-digital converter and other analog circuits
  • Cryogenic wireless transmitter and receiver
  • Cryogenic measurements


  • Mobile communication systems
  • Satellite communication systems
  • Fixed wireless systems
  • Digital broadcasting
  • Radio telescopes
  • Radar systems
  • Medical devices

Activity Plan

  • Proposal of special sessions, tutorials, short course, workshop, and competition on IMS/EuMW/APMC/RWS
  • Proposal of publication of special issue in journals
  • Proposal and operation of symposiums and workshops
  • Speaker delegation to conferences and workshops
  • Other proposal (DML, Speaker Bureau, etc)